Little Fun-Legoland WaterPark Dubai

Little Fun-Legoland WaterPark Dubai

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Dubai Parks & Resorts is filled with surprises and one region that captures our interest is Legoland waterpark, sister to Legoland Dubai. The park is renowned for its uniqueness targeting families with kids aged 2-12 years historic. So, what makes the park so unique you ask?

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What to Expect

Rides & Slides

Isnt rides and slides what waterparks are all about? But wait, theres something that sets this waterpark excluding everyday ones. There are up to 20 waterslides to discover from. Some might also even be done in pairs permitting you to accompany your kid on the ride whereas others the kid rides solo. Some of these come with:

Build-a-raft: Its found on the lazy river and a winner for families. Its packed with many ride combinations for younger people to effort out on their lonesome. Some of the double boats here characteristic double seats to allow small younger people hop in.

Joker Soaker: Feel like cooling down, this is a might have to effort! This is the variety wherein a bucket is filled to the brim with water and smashes you with it. Like isnt that so cool on a really hot day? I think so. And incidentally, the water here is chillier than anywhere else. For small younger people over 91cm, theyre properly allowed to ride slides found inside the lessen stage of this ride independently. To ride in upper ranges, youll wish to be over 102 cm

Duplo Splash Safari: The shallow, warm water pool is designed for younger people. It functions four small slides and an outsized Duplo animals with water functions. There also are water fountains for the younger guests to enjoy.

Lego Racers: How a couple of contest in direction of another circle of relatives member in this ride? It functions six parallel racing slides that speed you down on mats.

The Wave Pool: The wide pool region is a mix of many rides adding two tube rides, one-twin tube ride and single rides. The steepest ride is wave rider and slides you 73 metres down and straight into the water.

Red Rush: To experience the full thrill of this ride, as a minimum have a set of three. The gigantic ninety five meter lengthy slide in a round raft takes you on an exciting spin as you hold tight onto its edges. The spin is truthfully the buzz section due to the fact you dont even get to know wherein youre going. You in finding yourself there. Totally fun!

Helpful Tips

Arrive early. With the temperatures heating up, youll be fortunate to get a space inside the public vehicle park which has undercover parking. However, its only ample to accommodate as a minimum the first thousand or so vehicles of the day. If you omit it, properly, youll have no choice yet to park inside the warmth. The VIP and Valet components allure to a further expense.

The weekends are busy. Consider sorting out close by college excursion times and be acutely aware, Friday/Saturday mark the weekends in UAE. Weekdays are much quieter and particularly inside the morning wherein you'd be able to literally have the park for yourselves.

You might probably rent a cabana for a set. There are only several inside the park and unfortunately cant be booked in advance so if you get there first, youll be fortunate to have your cabana. The cabanas are wonderfully shaded spots with fridge and further service.

If you believe you studied your younger people will nag you for a keepsake water drinking bottle, settle for as true with getting it on the begin of the day before things heat up!

Consider taking your shoes around the park with you. Although some facilities are heat treated, others don't seem to be. Even overdue inside the afternoon, everything might probably enormously feel like its burning. Note, there are shoe racks on the brink of all rides so have something distinguishing your pair from the rest.

Bring towels with you, yet if you happen to forget, you'd be able to rent or buy one.

There are outlets selling single swimming nappies

The park functions two distinct components. A extra baby friendly region which has got the lazy river around it, and the extra adventurous wave pool region.

There are up to 14 different sights with 20 slides to hold the little ones fully entertained.

Theres dining attainable inside the park at Waves Bistro & Brick Bites. Here you'd be able to opt for for fowl & fries or pizza (you simply raise baby food)

Seats are scattered throughout the park, yet theyre predominantly next to joker soaker and wave pool
Change rooms are only found on the brink of the entrance and lockers might also even be rented here.

Book your tickets online in advance

When booking your ticket online on, you'd be able to mix your experience with Legoland Dubai. But if youve got small younger people, one park can be ample.
Getting to the WaterPark

Legoland waterpark is positioned at Dubai Parks & Resorts situated in Jebel Ali. Its a couple of 40 minutes drive from Abu Dhabi and Downtown Dubai. Arrange for a taxi from these components or use a non-public vehicle.

Dress Code to the Water Park

In UAE, the dress code question might also even be as complicated as it sounds. With kind of a few cultural interpretations, swimwear is a grey region. But having been around for awhile below are several information:

For younger people, now not an outsized issue. They can rock any kind of bathers, rashies and sunsuits. But an obvious consideration is to arm yourself with hats, sunscreen and any other kind of insurance policy from the scorching sun.

For gents, longer board shorts are perfect. The point is to hold away from whatever clingy and topless is okay for men too.

Ladies, full body bikinis would do when compared to the skimpiest ones. I think its only okay now not to show too much flesh in a circle of relatives park. By the way, no individual will kick you out for sporting much less yet be ready for some disapproving appears 🙁

The park has an onsite Bricks Beach shop with emergency outfits options.

A day at Legoland Waterpark Dubai is one the little younger people will totally love. Besides it being appropriate for smaller younger people, its packed with a lot of lifeguards, and due to the fact there don't seem to be any thrill rides other guests are younger families too and no kids. The buyers here also are very variety and considerate. If you'll have a blended neighborhood of younger people though who be ready for extra from their rides, they can be disillusioned. All in all of the brightly coloured lego theme park is age appropriate for circle of relatives to hold you fully entertained.

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