Parent-Child Internet Agreement

Parent-Child Internet Agreement

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The Kid's Agreement

I, ________________________________________ agree to the following rules for using the online:

1) I will not hide issues that I am doing online from my moms and dads.

2) I will never give out my full call, my home address or telephone number, or my faculty call, to anybody online without my figure's permission

3) My moms and dads and I are a team. If I have an issue with the online I will share it with them and ask for their assistance.

four) Even though I am using the online I will continue to spend time with faculty chums outdoors, and could not abandon faculty and different offline social events.

5) I agree that schoolwork comes first, before the online.

6) Sometimes I would need to claim NO to a guideline from someone online. I will do so politely.

7) I understand that I can never know whether the people I meet online are who they say they are. I will therefore be careful when chatting online.

eight) I will never effort to meet someone from online without my figure's knowledge and permission.

9) I will treat others online as I would like to be treated. I will not grow to be a troublemaker or a bully online.

10) I understand that I am not in charge for what different people say and do on the online, therefore if someone says or does something that makes me feel upset or disturbed, I will inform my moms and dads. I will not respond to any messages that make me feel upset, offended or scared.

eleven) I will never open email from strangers. Instead, I will ask my moms and dads to verify it first. I will additionally never accept an photograph or a file from a human being online nor send an photograph of me or a file to them without asking my moms and dads' permission first, even if it is my online chums.

12) I will comply with my moms and dads' rules for being online, including how long I may additionally be online, where I can go and what I can do.

The Parents' Agreement

I, ________________________________________ agree to the following rules for using the online:

1) I will set my toddler reasonable rules and recommendations for using the online, and I will explain my reasons to my toddler. I will set reasonable and logical consequences for breaking my rules.

2) I will find how to use the pc and the online so that I understand what my toddler is doing, and so I know what I am speaking roughly when I advise my toddler.

3) I will not grow to be so preoccupied with the online myself as to not spend time with my toddler.

four) I will not use the online moderately for me spending time with my toddler. I understand that the pc is not a babysitter.

5) I will suppose the buddies my toddler makes online to be chums just as the ones they have offline and I will encourage my toddler to confer with me roughly their chums and what they are doing with them online.

6) If my toddler has an issue concerning the online I encourage them to inform me roughly it and I will assistance them solve it, just as I would assistance with an issue at faculty.

7) I will not routinely blame my toddler for issues that happen to them online that may be not their doing. I understand that my toddler is not in charge for the words or actions of people they interact with online.

eight) No matter what happens to my toddler online or perhaps if they break my rules I will not permanently ban the online. I recognize that skill with the online is a should have to my toddler's very long time.

Parent's Signature: __________________________________________

Parent's Signature: __________________________________________

Kid's Signature: ____________________________________________

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