Plato And Our Selves

Plato And Our Selves

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Psyche divided by Plato

Plato millions of years ago, when he divided mans psyche in logikon (rational), thymikon (emotional) and epithymitikon (wishing) he assigned the top as middle of super judgment, the sternum on the grounds that the center of thymikon and the gut on the grounds that the center of wishes. He also assigned the philosopher on the grounds that the fellow who purposes with thinking (in his head), the fighter on the grounds that the fellow who purposes with the gumption (in his sternum) and the reduce popular man, the merchant-technician-craftsman who purposes with the sentimental urges (in his gut). Nationally he assigned the Greek on the grounds that the philosopher, the Scythe on the grounds that the combating man with no theoretical instructions and the Phoenician on the grounds that the impulsive trader-technician-craftsman.

These slippery matters regarding setting and demarcating internal centers, in essence concern the major functioning systems, the ones that the organism itself has constructed to be able to address power internally in such a lot of strategies: the Central Nervous System, the Myoskeletical System, and the Gastrointestinal System. – The Central Nervous System manages centrally some electric power, as a nervous-electric allegory of each and every different power that develops indoors the organism. – The Myoskeletical System manages straight kinetic power sincerely with the human ends (arms and legs). – The Gastrointestinal System manages straight cuisine power, it also is the internal vicinity where thymic tensions are fashioned (in our bowels, in our guts). The historic Gastrointestinal System, that will be, is identified with Thymikon, which has two poles, which the self marks as undesirable and very super.

Negative thymic pole is regarded the gut and the reduce gastrointestinal openings, for copy and defecation sincerely, with which thymic power is released outwardly, to the surrounding, especially with the sexual act. Positive thymic pole is regarded the sternum and the higher gastrointestinal openings (all indoors the face: mouth, nose, ears, eyes with which our self provides with power indoors the surrounding and relieves power outwardly as speech, song, shouts and whispers, and so on).

Another title for sternum in Greek (Sternix-sternigos) is enterioni which means the spongy portion that some bushes have indoors their trunk, which is the soul, the heart of the bush, where the life giving juices cross into. Sternum indoors the human being is that internal portion where the ones thymic bills are piled which will be presupposed to explicit through the higher gastrointestinal openings (sincerely from the mouth, sincerely as speech), or to input indoors the organism from outdoors, (sincerely as images/perceptions from the eyes, the ears, the mouth).

The ego (and volition and the fellow itself) identifies eagerly with the sternum, with the pole where the ones thymic (power) bills are constructed which will be about to be expressed from the higher pole and the self believes which will be or would well perchance be constructive and very super for him. Thats why, for illustration, we beat strongly our breast underlying our ego, figuring out upon this way ego with the sternum (with power indoors the sternum truthfully). For a equivalent reason we discover our self with our face where maximum openings of releasing power and constructive and very super alternate with the surrounding (mouth, eyes, nose, ears).

Thats why indoors the other we continuously cowl with some clothing our reduce gastrointestinal openings, (we dont even mention their names, which are all supposed as insults), although we let uncovered our face, which is anyways in well-seen vicinity (up and entrance) and we take incredible care especially its visual appeal, its photo We are our face and especially its photo. The grimaces of our face (smile, bitterness, expressions of satisfaction or dissatisfaction, and so on) explicit straight the ability tensions of our intestine, glaring and very super upper conclude of which is our face.

The Greek be aware for face (prosopo) comes from the be aware to see (opsomai-ops-opos) aspiring to the entrance of man (pros+opos). And the fellow (anthr-opos), consistent with the maximum legitimate definition of the be aware is a small and intensely logical corruption of the be aware anthropos meaning man (andras) and opos (to see), he who feels like a guy. For one greater time, that will be, the being is identified with his photo. And subsequently sternum and belly aren't two such a lot of centers of psyche however two such a lot of poles of a equivalent internal middle, the thymikon. Simply the higher pole of thymikon, the sternum, is regarded as very super.

Thats why man is greater many times than not released naturally and spontaneously from the higher gastrointestinal openings, (sincerely from the mouth, figuring out upon earnestly, naturally and spontaneously his ego with his sternum and himself with his face).

While the different reduce pole, the gut, is regarded undesirable by anyone (and thats why it is relieved secretly necessarily from the reduce openings of the gastrointestinal gadget) and most effective someones enemies would well even discover him in jest and scorn with that different reduce pole.

Thats why in case you ask any everyday being to say I and element at himself he will demonstrate spontaneously on the center of his sternum I. Though no one is aware precisely why he formulation at that individual portion of himself, when he says I. And yet it is especially mandatory. He indicates on the higher pole of his thymikon, from where we all address manifestly our internal power, and we discover eagerly ourselves. I. Our ego is identified eagerly, that will be, with the higher pole of power indoors us, which we all suppose and treat as very super.

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