Seven Ways I Fought My Daughters Arthritis and Won

Seven Ways I Fought My Daughters Arthritis and Won

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At the tender age of seven years old, my daughter Cassandra was given the devastating news that she was affected by a critical case of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. I was shocked and unaware that arthritis afflicts 300,000 American children.

Following more than a year of medical doctors, anti-inflammatory medications, and procedures with none significant improvement, Id had enough. I immersed myself in finding answers. Ive spent hundreds of hours researching medical and selection therapies as well as the impact of diet and exercise.

To my delight, Cassandra has defied the odds! Just six months after starting the steps I will outline below, her blood tests got here back negative for arthritis! Considering that I was told she might potentially undergo from this disease for the remainder of her life whilst experiencing stunted boom and possible deformity, I am ecstatic!

There are seven major steps I took through our tour. I did not find one Web site or individual that detailed this plan for me, but through learn and using my mothers intuition, these are the things that I chose to milk. Although I are unable to say which step or steps are the reason Cassandra is free from arthritis today, I can share with you what we did. I hope this will guide you in your tour to finding freedom for yourself or loved ones from in poor health health.

Research, Research, Research

Research is the first crucial step. If you asked me two years ago what the words rheumatologist, JRA, hydrogenated oils, and homeopathy meant, I would have answered Im not selected for all of them. Cassandras illness transformed all of that, which includes my outlook on nutrition, health, and doctors.

After being told by her rheumatologist that she needed to be given an adult rheumatoid arthritis medication, Methotrexate, I all started my quest for alternatives. The regarded giving my daughters fifty-pound body a chemotherapy drug that, in line with the clinical trials, too can potentially cause liver damage and affect the reproductive system made me cringe.

Learning about autoimmune disease, proper nutrition, and selection medicine online became my portion-time job. I all started simply by typing in arthritis and autoimmune diseases right into a search engine. After months and months of reading, it became obvious to me that I desired to heal Cassandras autoimmune system, not just treat her arthritic warning signs. This led me to selection medicine on the grounds that treating the cause, not the warning signs, seemed to make more sense to me. Some reputable sites I found very invaluable encompass,, and

Although a enormous percentage of my learn was done through the Internet, it did not end there. I asked anyonefamily members, friends, and hairdresserreally, anyone I got here in contact with, if they had ever tried something for an illness that had worked. I would take any files I received and learn it.


Nutrition is, in my opinion, the foremost for a lifetime of brilliant health. Although I am a university graduate and a committed mother, I was very uneducated when it got here to nutrition and its effects on ones health. I fed Cassandra vegetables and fruit always and limited the quantity of candy and junk food she ate, or so I thought. I learned that this was not almost enough.

Most probably, you are unaware of the unhealthy ingredients you are consumingI selected was. My preparation on nutrition all started when a pal, who was learning to become a learn scientist, had a baby. She had a ebook sitting in her kitchen regarded as Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron. In light of Cassandras health, my friend advised me to read it.

Although the ebook is intended for new mothers wanting to provide proper nutrition to infants, I found it enlightening for people of all ages. Ms. Yaron entirely covers every aspect of eating accurately, from shopping for food, to reading labels, to knowing what ingredients to seem for (and which to guide clear of, and why), to kid-friendly recipes.

My first journey to the grocery store after reading the ebook took two hours, and I left with no buying a thing. When I read the ingredients on every loaf of bread I picked up, I found that only a couple of, if any, contained whole grains, but rather, they have been filled with toxic substances such as high-fructose corn syrup, sugar, hydrogenated oils, and so on. This also applies to just about every snack food that children typically eat, as an example, Goldfish, pretzels, peanut butter, milk, and so on. Now I only shop at health food stores, and I still read labels even there.

To my surprise, one evening, after eating lentil pasta with biological spaghetti sauce and broccoli, Cassandra turned to me and acknowledged, Mommy, I feel higher when I eat biological. From the mouth of babes!

It was like learning how to shop and cook dinner all over the place again. Throwing out a whole dish of macaroni and cheese since it tasted awful, a box of sesame sticks on the grounds that she didnt like them, and doubling the period of time and money on food took patience. However, I believe that this was the foremost portion of Cassandras success. By the way, dont try to milk lentil pasta to make your personal baked macaroni and cheeseits awful!


Supplements are also an a must-have portion of a healthy diet. Pesticides, overworked soil, and extended time from harvest to consumption are a couple of of the excuses to counterpoint. The most important factor in selecting what products to choose is bioavailability. This is your bodys capability to take in what you take. When you devour supplements from a whole food source which is free of fillers and flowing agents, this can happen.

Again, I learned all of this files from reading selection health magazines and online articles as well as by asking people about their personal experiences. After learning about all of the bleak ingredients in the food I had been consuming, I assumed that all supplements have been not created equal. It was daunting in some cases sifting through promotional jargon to ascertain which products have been the most suitable. Following what I had learned about food, I chose supplements that have been from a whole food source, biological, and free of preservatives.

Some of the a must-have products that I used to improve Cassandras health incorporated probiotics, digestive enzymes, green foods, minerals, and omega-three fatty acids. All of these supplements help the body function accurately; therefore it's able to take care of balanced pH tiers and in turn cut inflammation.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic goes far beyond simply alleviating back and neck pain, which was a surprise to me. I had sought out a chiropractor prior to Cassandras illness for back pain from multiple automobile accidents earlier in life. After trying two others, we have been lucky to find a chiropractor, Dr. Janet McGaurn of West Chester, Pennsylvania, who adapts her intellect-set to each consumers needs. I personally felt more cozy with her comfortable touch intellect-set that did not involve any jerking or snapping of the neck. Cassandra looked forward to her appointments on the grounds that she felt immediate relief from some of her pain.

Chiropractic care is an a must-have portion of maintaining optimal health. Aside from direct trauma, science has discovered an important interference to our system of nerves regarded as vertebral subluxation. This is a mechanical challenge in the spine that reduces a persons' capability to heal, keep an eye on, and express well-being.2 Chiropractors are the sole professionals trained in the detection and correction of this challenge.

In addition to the care she provided, Dr. McGaurn offered her talents of disease and treating it naturally. When I spoke with her about my quest to regard Cassandras illness with no pharmaceutical drugs, she referred me to a homeopathic doctor that she had personally seen for over twenty years. Trusting her, I was able to try more confidently another selection intellect-set I knew not  about.


Homeopathy is an alternate medical intellect-set that believes in stimulating the bodys own innate curative mechanisms. We had to wait a month in amongst remedies, the name given to their medicines, which are natural sorts of an incredibly diluted amount of substances which could cause illness in a healthy person.

The first three times we went, we saw little to no results; having acknowledged that, we continued on. After the fourth stopover at, she had a breakthrough within of three days. She attended physical medical care on a Friday afternoon, and her affected shoulder had not multiplied. Saturday morning, she saw the homeopath. Tuesday afternoon, at her physical medical care appointment, her therapist was shocked that she had full mobility back in her shoulder. All the muscular tension and knots have been gone. It sold us both on homeopathy automatically!


Exercise is among the foremost aspects of brilliant health, and even more so if you will have arthritis. This was advice that was persistently given to me from all medical and selection medical professionals as well as being detailed in most online and health magazines.

The more active you are, the higher you will probably feel. Non-impact workouts are most suitable as to not put any undue stress on joints.

Cassandra swims and entirely enjoys it. It doesnt seem like exercise on the grounds that its fun. I found a yoga DVD for children that offers her with fun stretching and strengthening exercises that are very important. Also, she is in a karate class, which she resisted in the starting but has come to like.


Reiki is a Japanese time period which is translated as universal life-force energy. I had heard the word reiki before, but I found it hard to believe that with no being touched, you would possibly experience any relief from pain. As with all of the methods I employed to help my daughter heal from arthritis, I tried them first. Amazing is the single word I would use to describe reiki. Cassandra agreed, and after one consultation would ask to go back on the grounds that she felt so much higher.

During a reiki consultation, a qualified practitioner will place his or her hands over you at different factors, depending on your needs. The practitioner channels curative energy to you. This will help facilitate curative from physical and emotional trauma.three

Cassandra is now a satisfied and healthy ten-year-old. When we first learned of her illness, I was distraught, questioning why this happened to her. Now we look at it as a blessing on the grounds that we learned so much through this tour. Our whole family is healthier and happier than weve ever been. It has also given me a new passion, and I am planning to return to university to acquire a naturopathic medical degree. I hope with a view to help many more people heal.

So, recognize that you simply can cure illness naturally. It wont happen by itself; youll need to provide it your all, but I believe unequivocally that  is feasible. Ive seen it with my own eyes. Best desires to living a satisfied and healthy life!

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Amy Butler is a devoted mother and freelance author. She is the co-owner of, an online store the place you'll now purchase many of the supplements that she used to help aid in Cassandras recovery from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Amy is committed to creating awareness about the aptitude life-altering benefits of natural living. If you will have any questions about the supplements or any of the methods she spoke about, you'll ask at

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