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Mouth Candy – OR Nose Candy What is The Difference?

Sung to the tune of Raindrops on Roses from The Sound of Music

Egg nog and ice cream
with cookies and snickers,
whip cream with pudding
and brownies with sprinkles
Red stringy twizzlers and Twinkies with Cream
These are a bunch of of my favorite things!

Sugar is 9 x more addictive than cocaine. It sends signals to the brain that you would like more of it. A regular supply of sugar in the body creates an imbalance as smartly as yeast in the intestines and brain which creates a mental fog.

What is the definition of an addiction? If you cannot hinder yourself from doing it – you have an addiction. Recovering alcoholics, will turn to sugar after giving up alcohol. Sugar replaces one addiction with some other. Why do we have addictions? The supply of addiction is loss of self love. Even after years of inner work so many us are still plagued with addictions to chocolate, or sugar cravings that may not quit.

White subtle flour, sugar, white bread, white rice, and most carbohydrates create an acid environment in our bodies which create most cancers. When individuals with most cancers eat sugar it lights up the first cancers cells and causes the cells to duplicate and grow rapidly. Often individuals with most cancers in remission will know that it has returned when they begin to crave sugar. Sugar is a popular carcinogen, in other words it is popular to result in most cancers.

If sugar is so unsafe to the body why is our delicacies so loaded with it? That is a query for our government and BIG PHARMA to resolution. Cancer is an immense business. Having individuals addicted to sugar guarantees that millions will succumb to the disease and desire chemo and other most cancers ideas that protect our countries funded. Children are fed the stuff in cereals, and all types of "healthful breakfast foods." How can delicacies with sugar be classified as healthful? Let's face it individuals the govt. does not growth from a healthful populace.

Think about it, from Halloween till New Year's we're inundated with candy, egg nog, Christmas cookies and alcohol – all loaded with you guessed it, SUGAR. I know that I had a complicated time staying out of the bag of leftover Halloween candy and continued to much on quite a chunk of shortbread and other sweet treats till the New Year. Infant baby delicacies has sugar further, which begins babies off with an early addiction. It is no ask yourself that so many have diabetes, weight complications and internal yeast.

In my book, Odyssey Victim to Victory I converse about stuffing our emotions with carbohydrate rich foods. What I mean by that is that carbohydrate rich foods suppress our emotions faster than any other delicacies. When you start to let move of your sugar addiction all types of memories and feelings that have been repressed will move back."Comfort foods" including pasta, white bread, white rice and potatoes turn quickly convert to sugar when processed by our body. Many diets put forward that we do not devour carbs acceptable thru our evening meal for this very reason.

Surrendering Your Addiction

Turning your addictions over to a Higher Power is the purely strategy to over come them. Yesterday I prayed for help in letting move of my sugar addiction. I knew I couldn't do it alone. I have worked on my addictions for years. Not excluding I diagnosed that my addiction used to be creating most cancers did I eventually ask for God's help. I thought I might do it by myself. Overcoming my own stubbornness is an house of the process. We are religious beings having a bodily event. Letting move of our addictions is an invaluable for our enlightenment to manifest.

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Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a mystic, writer, talk show host on Voice America Internet Radio. Her show INTO THE MYSTIC airs on Thursdays at 1:00 PST, 2:00 MST and 4:00 EST.

Jennifer is additionally a hypnotherapist, licensed lifestyles coach and channel. Her energy clearings are extraordinary. A one-hour mobilephone session will glowing more energy and limiting beliefs in view that Jennifer works with The Ascended Masters thru your Akashic Records and clears from the availability.

Jennifer's inspirational and transformational channeled book "Odyssey Victim to Victory" is the vicinity to begin your healing trip or jump start out the simplest you are already on. With codes of mild within the book, all you are trying out to do is read the book to start to heal.

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