What to Do When Your Child Hits You

What to Do When Your Child Hits You

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Need to Feel Control

We all  feel like we've got control of the international circular us and children aren't any exception. However, your child has little or no control over what happens to him. Often hitting is your child's technique of attempting to govern a host of element of his international. It can be his style of self assertion.

Getting Attention

Your child necessities your attention. Normally he would prefer to get it in a solid technique. However, negative attention is better than nothing. A child who is regularly missed may quickly to find out that he becomes middle stage when he fights and hits others.

If you react strongly to your child's hitting you may be fueling a noticeable differ of fate problems. Reacting strongly to negative behavior encourages the child to continue behaving badly.

This is one of many crucial reasons How to Improve Your Child's Behavior spends so lots time focusing on coming up successful attention. Testing Your Rules

This is a less easy explanation why for hitting. Children are persistently testing their limits. A child may hit just to see if he can get away with it.

What to do About Hitting


You can get your child to quit hitting by giving him another outlet to convey his frustration. You would possibly set up to channel his need to hit by giving him one thing suitable to strike. We have used a punching bag in past times. My wife even drew a picture of each member of the family so the child could pound the actual user that was once causing him anger.

If you don't like a punching bag you also can use a doll or stuffed animal. One parent chose to coach her child who had a biting problem to bite a doll.

Review the Incident

This works as your child gets older. After the disaster has passed return over the incident and talk it over together with your child when he's calm and rational. Make lists of what would possibly work when he gets angry or when there's one thing you  tell him that he won't like. Then, when the subsequent disaster happens, you can refer back to the conversion you had with him:

"You have develop into angry again… component in what you and I have decided? We wrote this down. We agreed that the subsequent time you got angry you agreed you'll be able to… alternatively of hitting other folks."

Teach Communication thru Language

It is intensely natural and organic for a toddler to be told to take advantage of words to convey negative emotions. Teach them to say, "I am truly mad right now!" or "I am fuming right now!"

Once a toddler can convey his feelings in a more direct and mature technique, the hitting will slowly quit.

Acknowledge Your Child's Feelings

Children hit because they cannot communicate their feelings. When you renowned your child's feelings you put off this explanation why for hitting.

Say things like:

"You ought to be very dissatisfied that I won't permit you do—-"

This does not mean you're giving in, but it could eliminate one of many crucial causes of his anger by displaying him you understand his feelings. It is thoroughly for a toddler to feel angry. It is normal. What you're looking for to coach him is to convey anger in ways other than hitting.

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